Christine Mackay

Travelers Against Plastic

Lauren Tucker

Kiss the Ground


Brian McFarland

Andrea Ruiz-Hays

Recycle Across America


Rose Lounsbury

Minimalism & Simplicity Coach

Bev Feldman


Stefani Chan-Wright & Wesley Wright

Ahimsa Eco Solutions

Dara Zycherman

Less Equals More

Asa Foss

U.S. Green Building Council

Jonathan Levy

Zero Waste Guy

Marla Esser Cloos

Green Home Coach

Ryan Hagen

What on EARTH?!

Ben Block

Climate Dads

Christian Shaw

Plastic Tides

Kelly Bonanno

Eco-Friendly Living

Beth Terry

My Plastic-Free Life

Kari Klaus

Realty Sage

Lynn Fang


Osprey Orielle Lake

Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network


Rachael Miller

Cora Ball – microfibers

Aviram Rozin

Founder and International Director of Sadhana Forest

Charly Cox

Climate Change Coach

Court Whelan


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