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Christian Shaw

Christian is a waterman, adventurer, and storyteller discovering a path to make an impact in the world at the intersection of passion and purpose. Though landlocked for the better part of his life in Upstate, NY his self identification as a surfer since age 7 has continued to draw him to the sea and has cemented his commitment to protecting it.

His studies at Cornell University were focused on sustainability and business, and through the encouragement of a National Geographic young explorers grant workshop in 2012 he and classmates Gordon Middleton and Celine Jennison began a process that would lead them to the North Atlantic Trash Gyre on SUP’s and the formation of their 501c3, Plastic Tides.

Shaw is a teacher by nature and is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge while inspiring others to join the movement for a healthier planet. Plastic Tides connects with youth all over the world and provides them the tools and platform to amplify their voices. In addition to their focus on the next generation, Plastic Tides works with outdoor brands like CLIF and Croakies to tell their brand’s story in the context of plastic pollution and sustainability.

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